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  Using the German VON ARDENNE the world's most advanced coating equipment and vacuum magnetron sputtering process, is the international production, varieties, low-E coating leading tech production lines. IF power using twin rotary cathode can increase the deposition rate and the film density, so that the film is more solid; using high purity, dense and good target, online photometer, testing the uniformity of color film to ensure the film uniformity. Ancillary Germany BENTELER companies use disk cleaning machine brushes, roller brush, three-stage super-pure water for cleaning thoroughly clean the glass, coated glass effectively guarantee the quality of the film. There is a sound test and inspection equipment (infrared detection devices) to detect the color uniformity, solar and visible light transmittance, reflectance, and other parameters, the product can meet various customer requirements.
  The main products are: single silver LOW-E glass, double silver LOW-E glass, three silver LOW-E glass can be toughened offsite processing LOW-E glass.
Main color: transparent, light gray, gray, dark gray, light blue, blue and so on.
  Product Specifications:
  Thickness: 3~15 mm
  Maximum size: 3300 mm×6000 mm
  Off-site processing and can be tempered LOW-E glass
  East China LOW-E coated glass by improving the film structure, and enhance the film adhesion and film structure stability, which can be manufactured off-site processing of LOW-E glass can be tempered with the LOW-E glass.
  LOW-E glass with ordinary optical performance and good energy saving effect.

  In the coating after processing of steel.

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