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Laminated glass is sandwiched between the glass on the tough PVB interlayer, high temperature high pressure processed into composite glass. The tough PVB film is very good, in the laminated glass is broken by external violent impact, the film will absorb a lot of impact energy, and make rapid decay, it is difficult to breakdown of laminated glass. Even laminated glass broken, glass fragments adhere to the film is basically to keep the entire piece laminated glass fragments on the captive dew, so it becomes a real sense of safety glass product characteristics:
Installed in the building on the laminated glass subjected to any external shocks, even broken glass, still remain intact in the original framework, people inside and outside the building would not have been flying glass debris damage.
Ultraviolet rays of sunlight in a great barrier effect, every UV rate of 99% or more, to avoid ultraviolet radiation.
Noise reduction:
PVB film with barrier effect of acoustic. To reduce noise.

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