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Insulating glass is two or more pieces of glass in order to effectively support are evenly spaced and peripheral adhesive seal. The glass layer is formed between the gas space with dry products.

Thermal properties: low U-value (heat transfer coefficient), filled with inert gas effect is more obvious;

Optical properties: according to actual needs, very flexible choice of different solar transmittance and reflectance; sound insulation: Insulating glass is generally lower. Low noise 30 db, and filled with inert gas can be based on the original and then reduced by 5 decibels;

Anti-condensation properties: dew point up to -40 ℃ to ensure hollow glass condensation;

Sealing: aluminum frame (frame interval) a shape, and structure of butyl rubber adhesive or polysulfide rubber double sealed insulating glass sealing to ensure and extend the life of insulating glass.


Thickness: 10 ~ 52mm

Minimum size: 180 × 320 mm

Maximum size: 2500 × 4500 mm

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